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Welcome to the TV industry’s latest bit of magic … prestidigitalization. It’s a new twist on the old sleight-of-measurement trick. Here’s how it works. You buy TV the old-fashioned way because, well, that’s how you buy TV. The ratings suck. You want to pay less because you’re getting less. TV says, “You’re not getting less. Look at our newly crafted, data-driven metrics. We’re delivering premium audiences across omni-channel touchpoints and generating better return-on-ad-spends than ever!” If you can brush the buzzwords off your shoulder, you respond, “Yeah, but Nielsen says the ratings are down.” And TV triumphantly concludes, “Nielsen sucks! Here’s how we prestidigitally measure your success.” Artisanal solutions don’t scale As it turns out, TV is right. They do have newly crafted, data-driven metrics, and they can deliver premium audiences across omni-channel to... (more)

Ford’s Cars Will Read You Your Text Messages

Ford’s voice-activated technology, Sync, is getting an upgrade that will read you text messages while you drive. Sync is available on many older Ford vehicles and will be installed on almost every 2012 model. Unfortunately, the text-to-speech feature doesn’t yet have support for the iPhone. Read the full article at ... (more)

IE9 says Yahoo Axis Slows Down the Browser

Internet Explorer 9 Although Microsoft and Yahoo are search partners, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) may complain that Yahoo’s new Axis search add-on is slowing down the browser. After installing the Axis search extension in IE9 on Windows 7 today, Computerworld found that the next time the browser launched, it popped up a message asking if the user wanted to disable Axis and other add-ons to speed up surfing. Read the full story at Computer World. ... (more)

Microsoft Appears Set to Delete Desktop Gadgets from Windows 8

Windows Gadgets According to a report from the Win8China publication, in the latest of internal Windows 8 builds, desktop widgets have been given the axe. If you have forgotten just what a desktop widget is, I present the following image of Windows 7. Yeah, those things. Here’s the rub: they are completely unnecessary in Windows 8. Why? Because there is a method in the new version of Windows to display real-time information in a small form factor, and it’s called Metro Style Apps and their corresponding Live Tiles. Yeah, those things. Read the full story at The Next Web. ... (more)

The Declaration of Internet Freedom: how the net’s minutemen plan to protect the future

Anti-Piracy Protest Before the dust could settle from the battle against the Stop Online Piracy Act earlier this year, the people that helped defeat it realized they needed to do more than play whack-a-mole with bad bills from Congress. Since the January 18th SOPA blackout, a group of net advocates, entrepreneurs, and academics have worked behind the scenes to find common ground and leverage an outraged public to promote a free and open internet. Monday, they issued a “Declaration of Internet Freedom:” a set of five broadly worded principles intended to protect the internet from... (more)